Israeli Center of Libraries

About Us

The Israeli Center of Libraries is a non-profit organization that promotes and cultivates libraries, librarians, information on books and the reading culture in Israel. The organization was established in 1975 by the Ministry of Education and the Association for Israeli Librarians (A.S.I).

The Israeli Center of Libraries provides counseling, guidance, professional courses, conferences and services to libraries, librarians,  publishers, booksellers, distributors and professionals seeking information throughout Israel. The center's policy is determined by a board of directors that consist of leading scholars, public library managers and public persons.

Goals of the Israeli Center of Libraries

The Israeli Center of Libraries works to promote and nurture libraries, librarianship, literary information and the reading culture in Israel.
Our center is an independent non-profit organization and our activity include:

– Initiating Literary establishments and encouraging literary creation.

– Managing work-shops and publishing creations and translations in order to encourage creativity.

– Publishing and translating Children's literature in Arabic.

– Keeping the Israeli book catalogue up to date with the libraries of the world.

– Marketing and managing literary and culture activities in libraries and in different social events.

– Training courses for librarians in the knowledge & information field.

– Expanding the expositor and accessibility of the Israeli Digital Library to Hebrew and Arabic readers.

– Help schools and public libraries in purchasing  discount book’s.

Purchasing books after discount for school libraries and public libraries-